Level 1

Exterior Refresh & Protect

Our Level 1 is intended to refresh the clear coat giving it very durable protection, and high gloss. The coating we apply is rated for up to 6 months leaving a vibrant finish that lasts. With proper washing it will last longer!

Exterior Services Included:

  • Paint, trim, wheels, and tires washed with our 3 bucket wash method

  • Exterior decontamination wash (Iron Removal)

  • Clay bar treatment

  • Detail Door Jambs

  • Detail Exhaust tips

  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned

  • Sealant applied on all surfaces for up to 6 months of protection

Interior Services Included:

  • Thorough Vacuum

  • Floor Mats Cleaned

  • Spot Clean Carpets

  • Door Panels, Dash and Console Cleaned

  • Glass Cleaned Streak Free

Coupe / Sedan - $220 | SUV / Jeep- $240 | Truck / Large SUV - $280

Please visit our Interior Detailing page for other Interior Services & Pricing