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Level 2 Enhancement

(THIS IS not paint correction)

Our Level 2 Package is our Gloss Enhancement package. This service was designed to make an improvement in almost any paint finish, where defect removal is not the goal so much as just glossy, shiny and protected paint. Heavy paint decontamination will cleans the pours of the clear coat while the polishing process will reduce light swirl marks. Paint will be protected with a synthetic based protection system, or with a Modesta Glass Coating with upgrade.

Exterior receives the following in addition:​

-Gloss enhancement correction (1 Step polish & refinement)

-Choice of protection applied

(Standard 1 Year Sealant, or a Ceramic coating)

Interior Services Included:

  • Thorough Vacuum

  • Floor Mats Cleaned

  • Detail all interior plastics

  • Glass Cleaned Streak Free

  • Light cleaning of carpets (some stains may not be removed)

  • Clean leather seats (if applicable)

Coupe/Sedan - $450 | SUV/Small Truck - $500 | Large SUV/Truck - $550

With Ceramic Coating

​​Prices vary on selected Ceramic Coating brand & longevity

Please visit our Ceramic Coating page for pricing

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