Level 3 Correction Service

Our Level 3 package is our multi-stage paint correction package which removes all swirl marks and defects in the paint possible (90-95% correction). This service aims at getting the absolute most defect removal possible, depending on the condition of the paint. We meticulously comb over the paint finish, cutting and finishing in a precision polishing process. This will address heavy/severe imperfections in the paint.


Exterior Includes:

- Thorough 3 Bucket Wash prep process

- Chemical Decontamination bath

- Clay Bar

- Multi Step machine polish & spot wet sanding

Interior Services Included:

  • Thorough Vacuum

  • Floor Mats Cleaned

  • Spot Clean Carpets

  • Door Panels, Dash and Console Cleaned

  • Glass Cleaned Streak Free

Coupe/Sedan - $650 | SUV/Small Truck - $750 | Large SUV/Truck - $850

With Ceramic Coating

Visit our Ceramic Coating page for pricing, and add-on choices!