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Ceramic Coating Technology

There are alot of competitive coatings on the market. Modesta Ceramic Coatings are made by professionals for professionals. In the growing industry of vehicle protection, Modesta stands apart from the rest in a large way. Modesta technology is the most sophisticated ceramic coating on the market, aimed for professional use only.

These coatings are single layer which guarantee a thickness / hardness unlike any other coating. Offering effective durability to extreme temperatures (UV protect-ant) and an insane gloss. Modesta coatings help to protect the paint from all kinds of damage including, wash-induced damages (scratches) oxidation, tree sap, watermarks, salts, acids and even permanent ink. It’s strong water-repellent properties promote the self-cleaning effects.


An Elite Installer Of Modesta Ceramic Coatings in New Jersey

Here on the East Coast, we know how rough the weather can be on all vehicles. At any given moment, your ride’s paintwork faces environmental contaminants unlike anywhere else, and the only certain way to give it added protective resistance while maintaining a lasting surface gloss is by having our team at Shore Style Auto Spa install a professional grade Modesta Ceramic Coating.

We specialize in the variety of formulas offered by Modesta, including BC-08, BC-04, Private Label, BC-06 for wheel ceramic coatings, and more. Modesta products feature a thick, durable, and insanely glossy base coat, utilizing the best in nanotechnology to prevent your ride’s paint from being stained, faded, or impacted in any way by dangerous chemicals found in road wash or environmental contaminants.

Not only does our team provide a hand-applied installation of these comprehensive ceramic coating formulas, they are licensed and certified to work exclusively with the products Modesta has to offer. Additionally, as these products evolve, their skills evolve with them by staying educated in the best installation practices.

Coating of choice below MUST be paired with either our Level 2 or Level 3 services to ensure proper application of the Modesta Ceramic Coating. 

Modesta BC-08 is an organic paint coating with traces of zirconium that create a beautiful shine and luster on the paint while it’s three-dimensional matrix ensures excellent water repellency and self-cleaning. The coating’s thick layer acts as a self-scarifying barrier to protect the finish of the vehicle from scratches and marring as well as adverse environmental effects.

3 Years of Protection

Modesta BC08

BC-X is Modesta’s middle option for the protection of your vehicle. Placed between BC-08 and other coatings of our range, it offers excellent costs to performance ratio of the whole line. BC-X will improve the shine, gloss and overall look of your vehicle on the painted parts and refresh and protect plastic parts as well. Its exceptional hydrophobic water behavior will help to keep your vehicle clean for weeks with minimal maintenance requirements.

5 Years of Protection

Modesta BCX

A new formula coating that combines the best advantages of the original Pure Liquid Glass coatings and highest quality nanograde titanium. This combination creates a deeper shine and better reflections on the paint. A significantly prolonged working time also allows easier and safer application.

The inorganic nature of the coating makes it fully resistant to oxidation. The hard physical barrier it creates also prevents paint from coming into contact with air and acts as a antiscratch protectant.

Modesta BC-04 is capable to withstand temperatures of up to 900 °C.

7 Years of Protection

Modesta BC04

Modesta private label

The very best Modesta has to offer. Private Label combines the advantages of both organic and inorganic technologies, thus delivering unprecedented shine, protection, resistance and self-cleaning effect.

The Private Label consists of two separate parts - an extremely thick and hard inorganic base coat and a super hydrophobic organic top coat. Both of them combine together during the application to form one durable protective layer, resistant to tar and asphalt from the roads, corrosion, oxidation, chemicals and mechanical damage.

Modesta Private Label requires regular maintenance and yearly renewal. It delivers protection for up to 10 years and is especially suitable for the most exclusive vehicles that can take advantage of professional care.


10+ Years of Protection

Modesta PD

Wheels & Caliper Coating

Modesta BC-06 is a hard glass coating with a tightly packed molecular structure that is specifically formulated for high temperatures to create a long-lasting surface. This particular coating can withstand heat up to 2,372°F—a great option for wheels, exhaust tips, and brake calipers.

$495 for 4 Full Wheels (barrels / faces) & Calipers

Modesta Wheel Coating

Leather Coating

The Modesta Leather Protection System delivers exceptional protection to all leather and leather like surfaces in interiors of motor vehicles.

This two-component system is the only coating in the market that protects the precious surfaces from both penetration by liquids and dirt as well as abrasion.

$495 for most interiors

Modesta Leather coating
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